Catfish Bait Recipe

Catfish Bait

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Homemade Catfish Bait

What you need:

-1lb of cheese spread (cheddar is preferred) the cheaper the better
-8 oz. of beef blood
-1 container of minced garlic
-Popsicle stick
-Mason jar (Papa would use an old mayonnaise jar)
-An out of the way place allow it to ripen

To make it:

Allow cheese to be able to heat up either around 15-50 secs inside the microwave or possibly a couple of minutes in the sunshine
Mix garlic, blood, and cheese in to the bottle and then mix till it is equally distributed and there are no big pieces
Take the paste you have just completed and add some sawdust in order to thicken it.
Add a bit each time to prevent any kind of large clumps
You would like to add sufficient sawdust to make it tacky, nearly the consistency of thick oat meal
Once you have the right consistency, seal the cap on the jar set it in an out of the way place (preferably one that gets a good amount of sunlight.
You will want to let it set for a minimum of a week, but the longer the better. Some of Papa’s bait has sat for 3 years before using it.

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